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Listed in the History of Tomato Breeding at UF's GCREC.
Seed of many available on request.

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Hybrids Inbreds
In spring 2009 approximately 60 experimental F1s are being tested at GCREC in a phase 2 trial.  To see the list click here. The trial was transplanted on March 25th and the hybrids can be seen at maturity in June.  Once evaluated some will likely beadvanced to phase 3 testing.  These will be tested on grower farms and with seed companies that have interest if seed is available.  Contact J.W. Scott for information on this hybrids.  
Fusarium Crown Rot Resistant
Fla. 8125
Fla. 8044 and Fla. 7949B
Spotted Wilt Resistant:
Fla. 8109
Fla. 8516

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