University of Florida

List of Released Germplasm

List of Unreleased Germplasm

Seed is available for all open-pollinated varieties and breeding lines listed in the Released Germplasm section. There are no restrictions on the use of these lines for breeding purposes. However, if you use any of the lines as a parent in a commercial hybrid please contact Dr. J.W. Scott to arrange to set up a royalty contract. If you plan on marketing any open-pollinated varieties (such as Floragold Basket, Neptune, Micro-Tina, or Micro-Gemma) please notify Dr. J.W. Scott  to find out if there are any restrictions or contracts that need to be addressed.

Seed is also available to seed companies or commercial growers interested in trialing unreleased hybrids that are listed in the Unreleased Germplasm section.

In addition, pollen is available at some times of the year for the inbreds listed under Unreleased Germplasm section.