University of Florida
Fla. 7885B
Heat-tolerant with 2 heat-tolerant parents, matures early in high temperature seasons, smooth blossom scars, good leaf cover in top of vine
I, I-2, Ve, Sm, n-2/n-4

Fla. 8224
Bacterial spot race T3 tolerant, heat-tolerant, firm, nice shape, candidate
for release

I, I-2, Ve, Sm

Fla. 8093
Very good heat-tolerance, smooth fruit (n-4/+, n-2/+), good shape

I, I-2, Ve, Sm

For the most current information on three heat-tolerant hybrids; Fla. 8135, Fla. 8143, and Fla. 8219, hybrids with resistance to spotted wilt or Fusarium crown rot -   Contact J. Scott if interested in trialing any of these.

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